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bravery exposed.

Name: Gloria
Age: 17
Location: Boston, Ma
Hobbies: hanging out with my friends, shopping, and just having a good time in general.
Stereotypically, how would you identify yourself? Bubbly Blonde

Any talents? hm..I'm a really good dancer, and probably anything to do with computers.
Describe your personality. Describe what you're like around others. What do you love to do? I am a very caring, loving, honest, person until you get on my bad side then I can be very vicious and evil. I love being around people and having a good time.
Define cotton candy (Please type as much as you can. Please don't ask why we included this question.)
Main Entry: cotton candy
Function: noun
Date: 1926
1 : a candy made of spun sugar
-from the dictionary, you never said it had to be in my own words :D
Why are you "exquisite"? you tell me
I reffered sandra_carmen

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