kyle [rox] (jirafff) wrote in xqwizit,
kyle [rox]

Bravery Exposed

Whoa Dawg..


Name Kyle R. Rostan
Age 17, 18 on April 13th! woot woot!!
Location Austintown Ohio, no woot woot..
Hobbies Dance, Running, Drinking Mountain Dew, Working Out (Now I sound cool, huh?), Shopping (Now I sound gay, huh?), Dance again..
Stereotypically, how would you identify yourself? Well, I'm a dancer, and everyone around here knows it, being that everytime I win something its on the front page of the local paper, so the usual male dancer steryotype is he's gay. And although I'm not totaly gay (Don't worrie girls, I like yall too..yeah I'm one of them), I suppose I do meet many of these preppy, well dressed, somewhat girly, pretty outgoing steryotypes...


Any talents? I've been dancing for about 5 years now, I take ballet, tap, jazz, lyrical, hip hop, gymnastics, and a few others you've never heard of. I'm majoring in dance next year at Point Park, and it rules my life!! PS: I am the curernt Mr. Dance of Ohio.. nationals are in July.. I think that gets another woot woot!
Describe your personality. Describe what you're like around others. What do you love to do? I'm like that really crazy kid who's always smiling I guess.. I think for the most part I'm a pretty likable guy! I think most people like me.. I love meeting new people.. expecially totaly awesome new people who are hott mo fo's.. I love going out to club's and party's with friends, and gettin down and dirty.
Define cotton candy (Please type as much as you can. Please don't ask why we included this question.) Cotton Candy : n : a candy made by spinning sugar that has been boiled to a high temperature [syn: spun sugar, candyfloss] one ever said anything about not using a dictonary.
Why are you "exquisite"? Cause I'm Cute, Clever, and Creative. Plus, I can put 3 words together with the same letter! Now if thats not Xquizit, What is?

You must refer AT LEAST one person to xqwizit. Tell us who you referred.
I refer tekmonkie!!!!!

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