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Photo Whore *STAMPED* Cross posted

Well today was day 1 of Model Parliament at our school. It's where about 50 students group up into political parties and debate on bills and rights of people... and the mayor comes into the school and we're all sitting down like they would in the house of commons. ANYWAYS... on to the pictures :)

My constituency is Edmonton SouthEast... Represent!

This is my bestfriend Jenna and me... shes in another party *shakes fist*

This is my wife Karissa... she's a fiesty one!
We've been married 5 times now :) No divorcing... we just like to re-marry eachother every once in a while...

Like last friday!

My puppy Cody!

The other day I took some pictures at the studio

But I had to walk home in the pouring rain... : (

That's all folks! Enjoy : )
<3 Curtis
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